Why Rent When You Can Buy

Renting or Buying:
Advantages and Disadvantages

If you are considering buying a house, one of the first decisions you need to make is whether buying a house instead of renting one is the right direction for you. Since owning a home is the "American Dream", many people simply assume that it's always to their advantage to buy a home, and for most, it is. Take a moment to review the following table to see how your situation fits in. Items in the green boxes are advantages and in the red boxes are disadvantages.

Renting Advantages
More fixed costs for the term of the lease
Not gaining equity, but not losing it either
When the lease is up, you can just move
There is generally less work in maintaining a home or apartment
Smaller amount of "up-front" cash
Renting Disadvantages
No matter what happens with the value of the home, you will never gain equity
Limited--or no--ability to personalize your living quarters
No tax advantage to renting. Your landlord gets any and all tax breaks that are available

Buying Disadvantages
Variable costs
Equity may go up, down, or stay stagnant
If you want to move, home generally must be sold
Work needs to be done by you-or paid for by you
Generally a larger initial investment-the downpayment
Buying Advantages
Over time, the mortgage balance decreases and equity builds, even if the value of the home does not increase
The ability to remodel and redecorate the home to match your needs and desires
There can be tax advantages attached to home ownership. Consult competent legal and/or accounting advice for details for your situation

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Field Guide to Buying vs. Renting
(Updated January 2008) 

In today's market, is it better to Buy or Rent? The information listed here will assist you in helping answer this question. Included are statistics and studies on homeowners and renters as well as financing options and tips. (M. Glick, Senior Information Specialist)

Rent-to-Own Deals: Smart Questions to Ask...
For Sellers:
Who will tend to the property and pay for routine maintenance?
Who pays for major repairs?
What are the costs of setting up and managing an escrow account for the portion of rent allotted to the down payment?
Will you manage the property yourself, or hire an agent?
What if the renters change their minds? Who keeps the money in the escrow account?
If the buyers change their minds, what will be required to put the property back on the market?

For Buyers:

How much of the rent is going to the down payment?
How locked in are you if you change your mind?
What will it cost you to get out of the deal?
How long will it take to accumulate enough of a down payment that you are likely to qualify for a mortgage?

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Statistics & Studies on the Buy vs. Rent Decision

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Consumer Information, Tips & Resources

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Financing Resources

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Information for REALTORS®

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